The ongoing pandemic and recession has its challenges but also provides an opportunity for African Businesses to grow their international sales and reach.

The team behind Keyme has been exporting and selling on online marketplaces for over 5 years and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and services to help you launch your products globally.

Who should attend?

Manufacturers or Brand owners in the Fashion, Beauty, Processed Agro industries that fall under the categories below:

  • Currently ship products internationally with couriers but would like to save on shipping and fulfillment costs.
  • Have never exported but would like to build a customer base in new market.
  • Selling on their website or social media but will like to reach new customers on international marketplaces.
  • Often ship to wholesalers / stockists and woulld like to save on logistics costs.

Topics We Will Cover

Markets and Opportunity for Brands
US consumers spend trillions of dollars every year on Fashion, Beauty, Food and Accessories .In this session, we will show you how to position your products for success by researching demand and customer preferences as you plan to export your products.
Product Development
It is extremely important that you are offering the right products, to the right people in the right place. We will show you how to use public and proprietary data to research, and develop your product lines, pricing, channel strategy and promotion as you launch in a new market.
Export Requirements
We will discuss regulations and requirements such as product composition, prohibited products, tarriffs, labelling, accreditation, and packaging. This will help you ensure that your products meet all the requirements for your target market before you launch.
Logistics and Fulfillment Services
Whether you are supplying wholesalers or fulfilling orders from your stores it is important that you have the right logistics and fulfillment to get your products to customers quickly and at a reasonable cost. We will share some of the options Keyme offers to help you reduce your delivery costs and provide better service to your customers.
Retail, E-commerce and Marketplaces
We will share the different platforms for reaching customers as well as their pros and cons to help you determine the best channel strategy for your products. Keyme can support your online and brick and mortar business with our flexible and affordable freight, fulfillment and eCommerc services.

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