Make Great Products

It is extremely important to research your products thoroughly before listing them to ensure that you have the right selection, pricing and marketplaces. Also, products must meet the standards and requirements for the target market such as sizing, labelling and any regulatory standards. This ensures that your products can be exported without delays or additional costs.

Meet Packaging and Labeling Standards

Every item must be packed individually and with any required protective materials before submitted for export. This means that you must follow our packaging rules to ensure products are protected and contain all relevant information for clearance and fulfillment is clearly displayed. This will ensure that your products are correctly identified and customers get exactly what they order.

Ensure Product Availability

We will work with you to understand demand and trends and expect that you will ensure accurate inventory levels after the first 3-month testing period. Products that are availabe rank higher on online marketplaces and have increased sales and customer loyalty.

Excel in Merchandising

To ensure your products catch the attention of shoppers, it is important that they are photographed and merchandised properly. You must provide clear high-resolution photos on a white background for all your products with necessary detailed shots to show specific features. It is also important to provide clear descriptions that showcase the product uses, features, and any relevant information.