Door to Door Sea Freight

With our door to door Sea Freight, you can ship your products in bulk from any address in Lagos to the USA for a flat rate.
How It Works
  • Create an account to see our shipping options.
  • Submit product information and pay for freight
  • Schedule a pick up for your shipment
  • Packages will be consolidated and shipped
  • Customs documentation and fees
  • Shipments are delivered to recipients.

Multichannel Order Fulfillment

Let us help you save over 70% on shipping to your international customers and offer faster deliveries with our standard, expedited and next day shipping. With this package you also get 25% discount on Sea freight.
How It Works
  • Export in bulk to our warehouse.
  • Add our delivery rates to your stores
  • Receive orders from your stores.
  • Submit delivery request and make payment.
  • Customs documentation and fees.
  • We pick pack and ship your orders.

Sell on New Marketplaces

Add on our ecommerce marketplace offer to the fulfilment package and sell your products on up to 3 online marketplaces, while we manage fulfilment, payments and reporting.
  • Subscribe for the Marketplace package
  • Add your products and select marketplaces
  • Products will be inspected and shipped
  • Listings go live when prodcuts reach warehouse
  • Keyme will handle orders and shipments
  • Receive monthly payments net of all fees
  • Access business reports and analytics

Marketplace Success Stories

Wow Braids is a brand of hair products made in Nigeria. It's products include hand made wigs, extensions and accessories. The team behind Keyme has been instrumental in helping Wow Braid's expand to the North American market, selling in over 4 online marketplaces and increasing revenue by 500% in 3 years.
To meet the increased demand from US customers, Wow Braids has has grown from a team of 3 to over 300 employees and suppliers.
Maisalo is a fashion, lifestyle and accessories brand that launched in 2019. The Keyme team developed and trademarked the brand to serve as an identity for lifestyle products made in Africa.
In less than a year, Maisalo has launched in one marketplace with over 100 products and is partnering with over 10 African manufacturers to launch their products on 5 marketplaces by the end of 2020.
In less than a year, Maisalo has launched in one marketplace

Ready to go global?

Tell us more about your business and products so we can identify the best services to help achieve your export goals.