Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your warehouses located?

We use established warehouse partners who also manage fulfillment for companies such as Amazon, Walmart and eBay. Our warehouse partners have locations around the USA, including in California, Texas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey, to name a few. When you send inventory to Keyme, you can expect to send inventory to around 3-5 different locations across the country. This helps reduce shipping costs and offer faster shipping to the end customer.

Do you support buyer returns?

Yes we do. Items returned by buyers are inspected and added to your inventory where possible. If the items are not in a sellable state, we will put the items in our unfulfillable inventory. Such items will not be put back into sellable inventory to prevent future customer complaints. We will then report to you about such returned items and provide removal options.

Can I put my marketplace subscription on hold?

Yes, you can pause your marketplace subscription at any time and it will be applied from your next billing date. If you pause the service, your products will be made unavailable on all marketplaces but will continue to fulfill orders from your other stores

What are your packaging requirements??

Each item must be packed separately in a poly bag with the item barcode and name clearly displayed. Individual boxes are placed in boxes and the contents of each box are uploaded prior to shipment. We will provide you with unique barcode numbers for each product.

What integrations do you support?

We currently don’t support integrations to third party websites. However, we are integrated with all our partner marketplaces.

What type of packaging options do you support?

We only support brand-neutral packaging or Amazon packaging, and do not support custom branded packaging or inserts. This greatly increases the speed of your fulfillment..

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we do not support international shipping. We support nationwide shipping to all of the U.S.A.

Do you handle wholesale fulfillment?

Today, we only handle direct-to-consumer fulfillment. For large orders, you can issue a removal, which will be charged the removal fee associated above. We do not offer any special prep or labeling for removals.

For slow moving products, can I ship them back home?

Yes, we provide reverse logistics services. You can withdraw products at any time. We will provide removal costs and freight costs back to the country of origin as well as a timeline for each reverse shipping request.

Can I use more than one service?

Yes, the services apply to each shipment. You can determine whether to use Freight only, Warehousing and Delivery only or to add-on the marketplace service at any time.